General Rules

  • Only content published or broadcast since May 10th 2018 can be entered or nominated
  • Word or character limits are LIMITS, there is no minimum requirement for any written nominations or rationales
  • Duplicates of the same entry, from the same person will not be counted
  • Multiple entries for the same show (KTV or CSRfm) will not influence a winner
  • Entries submitted after 11:59PM (BST) on March 4th 2019 will not be counted
  • Any video or audio content that exceeds the maximum duration specified will not be counted
  • Please use the nomination form to submit nominations
  • Please note that, dependent on volume of nominations, some categories may be subjected to internal shortlisting before being sent to judging panels

KTV Entries

  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube before being submitted
  • Entries submitted via any other platform than YouTube (e.g. Vimeo) will not be counted
  • All YouTube uploads must be either set to ‘Public’ or ‘Unlisted’. Do NOT set your uploads to ‘Private’
  • Ensure you have not exceeded the showreel duration as specified in the category criteria
  • If you would like training in creating a showreel, you should email a member of the KTV Committee

InQuire Entries

  • All articles must have been published in InQuire Newspaper or on InQuire Live
  • Ensure you have not exceeded the character limit stated in the category criteria
  • You must paste the actual article into the relevant entry form. Don’t just paste a link to the article/refer to the article by name.

CSR Entries

  • Audio files must be uploaded to SoundCloud
  • Ensure you have not exceeded the demo duration as specified in the category criteria
  • If you would like training in creating a showreel you can email a member of the CSR Committee.

Any Questions?

If at any point you are unsure of any criteria, if you’re unsure whether your entry is ready to be submitted or if one of the rules doesn’t quite make sense, there are several people you can speak to for help. Check out the Contact Page for more details.