2018 Winners


Most Dedicated: Beth Matthews



Best On-Screen: Ogo Anokwuru & Tiree Niven


Best Off-Screen Contribution: Callum Abraham

Read the winning entry: Callum has been an amazing Drama Coordinator this year and has worked incredibly on uniting the Drama department and supporting several Directors and Producers from eight student films and on his own personal development. Words cannot express how proud I am that, despite many crew issues, technical restrictions, paper work and applications for filming, this brilliant person has achieved all he set out to do. Not only did the films get made, they were shown at our Annual Film Festival, which Callum organised at The Gulbenkian Cinema, making great ticket sales and bringing the work of our members to a wide audience. This is an even more astonishing achievement considering, due to Kent Union Election rules, two of our station executive committee members had to step away from managing the station while running in the election, and another had to step back due to personal reasons, Callum essentially executed the festival on his own. Throughout all of this Callum also written, directed and filmed his own feature film, Restless, leading a full film production team as well as others in his department. Callum’s commitment to KTV doesn’t just stop at the Drama Department, he has filmed and edited many of our corporate projects which bring in extra funding for our general member’s projects, and helped other crews out wherever he can, including taking on the role of editor, sound technician and cinematographer. He has also been an amazing support throughout most of KTV’s live broadcasts this year, inside and outside of the studio, his dedication to helping others and supporting the station should not be neglected. Callum is one of the people that KTV will miss greatly and was lucky to have.


Best Show: 2018 Leadership Elections

Watch the winning entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvFf90QFycI&feature=youtu.be


Best Drama: The Root of All Evil

Watch the winning entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHHHr5oAhoQ


Best Newcomer: Bharath Madhu

Read the winning entry: Bharath has been a member of KTV since September 2017. Since joining, Bharath has been actively engaged with all sections of KTV: News, Entertainments, Sport and Drama. Bharath has been always a real pleasure to work with. He gives 110% to everything he endeavours to do, he is always happy to jump onboard to projects and is a positive influence to any team. Along with being the most improved in terms of technical expertise, Bharath has successfully produced and directed his own show and been open to all constructive criticism. Bharath is the most worthy of the best newcomer prize because he has consistently demonstrated commitment, intelligence and amazing team spirit.



Best Report: Caitlyn Casey

Read an extract from the winning entry: Students were unable to access emergency contraception on campus during freshers’ week, following cuts to sexual health services by Kent County Council. The University Nursing Services (UNS) drop-in clinic in Keynes College used to offer students the emergency contraceptive pill following a simple medical assessment, but this was suspended from September 15.


Best Opinion: Emmanuel Omodeinde

Read an extract from the winning entry: I try to pay as little attention as possible to the Daily Mail as I can. But almost every other week without fail a Mail headline will pop up on my Twitter timeline. Not because I follow anyone who reads it (I don’t think I do) but usually because someone has quote tweeted a racist article. Grime artist, Stormzy, has been a frequent target of the Daily Mail’s racist attacks. Since he has risen to prominence, the Daily Mail has tried to slander his character in every way possible. Several weeks ago, Stormzy won British Album of the Year at the 2018 Brit Awards. It was a massive achievement for the artist who became the first grime artist to reach number one on the official UK charts. However, the Daily Fail, I mean Mail couldn’t resist once again trying to tear him down.


Best Feature: Jesse Bedayn

Read an extract from the winning entry: In the spring of 2011, a thirteen-year-old Syrian boy was playing on the stoop of his house. Around midday the unmistakable crunch of an anti-aircraft gun, converted to shoot at ground targets, burst down the street.  His cousin and brother instinctively ran to him, but the gunmen did not desist.  The young boy’s mother, forced inside by the menacing fire, waved a piece of white cloth at the gunners, signifying surrender.  O, a close friend of the 13-year-old boy, told me this story with sober intensity, “Not one of them survived,” he said, pausing, “They all died.”


Best Review: Georgia Dack

Read an extract from the winning entry: Written and directed by Ollie Patterson and Ryan McDowell, Lamplight is an enigmatic short film grounded in the domestic setting of student digs, but lifted by high concept storytelling. On the day of his estranged best-friend Eddie’s birthday, The Dreamer (Chris Ball) goes to a birthday gathering, in which he is greeted by Eddie’s unwelcoming girlfriend and her friends. Much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, The Dreamer brings with him drugs, beer and a teenage reckless abandon that he clearly can’t let go of, and doesn’t want his friend to either. After the night ends pretty disappointingly, the plot nosedives into something of a fragmented blackout fever dream, and things get very weird.


Best Newcomer: Bill Bowkett

Read an extract from the winning entry: My name is Bill Bowkett, I’m a first year Politics student and I’m nominating myself for ‘Best Newcomer’. Since joining Kent, my heart was set on writing for the paper. InQuire was in fact one of the reasons why I joined, because of the content it was creating at the same time as me applying to university; I knew that being a part of the paper would be a great platform for me to develop my skill set. Whether that be my editing, newsgathering or communication In school, I was the Editor of my newspaper NewsKnight. After being honored to have won the Shine Media Award for ‘Most Outstanding Student’, I knew journalism was the career I wanted to pursue. I joined InQuire with optimism and as elections opened for roles, I put myself forward to become Website News Editor and to my surprise, I got the role and it was the best decision I have taken at University so far.



Best On-Air: Jake Peach

Listen to the winning entry: https://soundcloud.com/jake-peach-radio/jake-peach-demo-march-2018


Best Entertainment Show: News Munch

Listen to the winning entry: https://soundcloud.com/user-698434900/best-entertainment-and-speech-show-demo


Best Speech Show: CanterBAME


Best Specialist Show: New Noise

Listen to the winning entry: https://soundcloud.com/dan-baker-17/radio-demo-2018


Best Off-Air Contribution: Jake Peach

Read the Winning Entry: As captain of the CSRfm ship, Jake has been the helmsman, navigator, quartermaster, surgeon, master gunner, you get the idea. This year Jake has admirably led CSR, and faced many challenges- all of which he has overcome.

Jake has led the way on many projects including varsity, put a lot of work into the union elections, and has been brilliant at communicating well with members (committee and others). On top of this, Jake has managed to produce and present a daytime radio show, bringing in many guests such as Glass Peaks, which brings CSR to a wider audience.

To put so much time and energy into a volunteering role anywhere, never mind student radio station where this is not always reciprocated shows dedication beyond that of many others. For this reason alone, Jake deserves this award and all the recognition and applause that goes with it.


Best Newcomer: Blessing Olumoroti

Read the Winning Entry: Blessing has only just started up her show CanterBAME this year. The show not only discusses important BAME issues but has really helped spread awareness about them, as well as women’s issues such as sexual assault. The show has been produced wonderfully, the hosts are naturals, despite only just starting out. Her abilities to structure, lead, construct and carry out her show has been phenomenal. The show has done better and better each week and she has really good social media and promotional skill.