The 2015 KIC Awards

A huge thank you goes out to each and every one of you who made it along to the awards on the 16th May. Over 140 of you came this year which is the most we’ve ever had! Another huge thank you goes out to our special guests who came along, staff and judges alike – it was fantastic to have you there on the night to enjoy the evening and celebrate with us.



Ceremony Photos

Photos from the night are now available online! Click the Facebook link below to head to the album. Feel free to save the images but please, wherever you re-use them, credit the photographer –¬†

Most Dedicated Videos

If you were there on the night you’ll remember that this year we introduced shockingly embarrassing videos for all of our shortlisted Most Dedicated volunteers. If you’re one of those volunteers you probably think¬†that you would never have to relive them again – but you’re wrong! Check them out below!

Aaron Cross (Winner)

Nat Tipping (Highly Commended)

Maisie Golding (Shortlisted)

Rachel Cribbin (Shortlisted)

Rylie Trott (Shortlisted)

The Results