The 2014 KiC Awards


Thanks to everyone who attended and supported the 2014 KiC Awards.


In 2014 we had more categories, more prizes and more entries, we also had 100 attend the event and 36 lucky winners.

For this years awards we held the night in Mungo’s Bar (cheers Geoff!), and with free wine and a photo booth on arrival it was a great start to the night.

Check out the 2014 photo album!


As the night went on you cheered, clapped and drank in true student media style recognising all the hard work that went into 2014 being a successful year.

This year students also produced a student media mockumentary entitled ‘This Is Student Media’ and was shown on the awards night.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the awards, and even though you may not have won you still should feel proud to be a part of such a fantastic team.

Here’s to 2015….