The 2013 KIC Awards


The pilot of The KiC Awards couldn’t have started better…

The KiC Awards launched on a hugely successful year; with over 113 entries, thousands of pounds worth of prizes, special guests and judges currently working for or with experience in the ranks of the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, Kent Messenger, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The i Paper, Jack FM and The KM Group.

Thank you to everyone who played a part, to everyone who entered, to everyone who managed to come along and make it the night it was, and congratulations to all those who were lucky to come away from the event with industry placements, prizes and new contacts.  Another thank you goes to our compere El Baldiniho for his spontaneous magic tricks and fantastic hosting skills, and to The Gulbenkian for hosting a great ceremony, and also to The Venue for the erm… party, afterward! (we don’t really remember it)

Who can also forget the massive thank you to all the staff who volunteered their time to be involved in the event, and the student volunteers heavily involved in putting the KiC Awards together. Additionally – to our industry judges who made this event the special one that it was.

All in all our ceremonious evening was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of media volunteers in Canterbury for all of their hard work that year, as well as a chance to say a final goodbye to our third-year student members leaving us for the big bad world. Not only that but the evening (and the whole awards) provided our members with a chance to showcase their work to industry professionals and, regardless of prizes, every entrant got feedback on their submission.

Next year – bigger and better! All the photos from the evening’s entertainment can be found here. Well, all the photos up to the after party.